Personality tests, like The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), can tell you a lot about how you live your life. And since I am interested in how personality types affects dietary choices, I did a little research. And instead of writing an essay type blog that could have you scrolling for days, I’m summarizing my research in the form of sandwiches. So the next time your boss asks you what personality type you are, instead of saying INTP, you can say, “I’m a BLT or a Sloppy Joe”.

The Personality Categories

The questionnaire asks a variety of questions to determine:

  1. your preferences in social settings and how you are energized. This gets categorized as either introvert (I) or extrovert (E).
  2. if you pay more attention to physical reality (sensing, S) or more attention to meanings, patterns, or impressions of information (intuition, I).
  3. how we make decisions and whether you place more weight on objective principles (thinking, T) or more weight on subjective ideas and the people involved (feeling, F)?
  4. the amount of daily structure you need. Those that need more structure are categorized as judging (J) and those that are more flexible are considered perceiving (P).

You can find lots more information at the Myers & Briggs Foundation website. Can you determine which sandwich you are based on your Myers-Briggs personality score?

ISTJ –  Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich



peanut butter and jelly sandwich


As someone who values tradition, loyalty, and habits, this childhood favorite sandwich is much like you.  ISTJs tend to have favorite foods that they come back to again and again. ISTJ’s can be sensitive to strong or spicy foods, unless they grew up eating these foods regularly. PB&J speaks to ISTJs because they tend to not be very food adventurous.

ISFJ – Grilled Nutella & Marshmallow Sandwich



Photo Source:


As one who likes to take care of others, this sandwich is worthy of sharing with friends and family. Many ISFJs enjoy creating delicious meals for others and finding ways to serve the community, like contributing something sweet to a bake sale.

INFJ – Veggie Tuna Salad Wrap

Photo Source:


Tuna and veggies are perfect for someone who is committed to firm values and serving others. INFJs usually enjoy a variety of foods and enjoy tasting new foods. But INFJs also tend to forget to eat so a filling sandwich is perfect.


INTJ – Chicken and Waffle Sandwich


Photo Source:

Who knew that chicken and waffles went so well together? Probably, an INTJ did. Someone who is always experimenting with ideas and likes to try new foods.

ISTP – Roast Beef Sandwich

Roast beef sandwich

Photo Source: Food Network


The eat-because-I-have-to sandwich. They also taste great, which ISTPs who are connoisseurs of good food will appreciate.

ISFP – Caprese Panini with Tomato, Basil, and Mozzarella


photo source: Dishing It Up With Lisa


Just the title of this sandwich would send an ISTJ out of the kitchen. But for an ISFP, your enjoy combining flavors and are creative chefs.

INFP – Chickpea and Avocado Sandwich


Photo Source: Dishing Up the Dirt

It seemed it took a while for others to feel familiar with this sandwich but you were quick to see it’s potential. As someone who is always analytical, you knew it provides a lot of nutrition.

INTP – Sardine Sandwich

Photo source: Magic Skillet


Not many people enjoy a sardine sandwich. But as someone who does enjoys doing life on their own, this is your kind of sandwich. It’s also quick and something that you can put together without having to spend a lot of time on.

ESTP – A Bison Burger

Photo Source: The Bison Council


A friend to many, burgers are a crowd-pleaser, just like you. And since ESTPs tend to relish new and exciting flavors, a twist on a classic burger is perfect.

ESFP – Doughnut Bacon Cheeseburger

Photo Source: The Spruce

Enjoy eating, is your motto! ESFPs tend to enjoy the celebratory aspect of eating and creating new foods.


ENFP – Sloppy Joe

Photo Source: Food Network

Much like you, sloppy joes get voted as the most liked sandwich. ENFPs love the social aspect of sharing a meal with others and let’s face it, you don’t make sloppy joes for yourself.


ENTP – Cucumber Sandwich

Photo Source: Simplistically Living

Seeing things in an innovative way is how you roll. You’re always looking for solutions and pursuing new possibilities. So when someone is looking for a low-carb sandwich, why not stick the cucumber on the outside?

ESTJ – Buffalo Shrimp Sandwich


Photo Source: Creole Contessa


Oh, the spice on this sandwich makes for a challenge, which you are up for. ESTJs are leaders, in the office and in the kitchen. Buffalo shrimp are hot at first but are loved by many, just like you.

ESFJ – Grilled Cheese (with a side of tomato soup)

grilled cheese

Photo Source: Bon Appetit

This might not be for you since you may know someone not feeling well and you enjoy using food as a way to reach out to people. Grilled cheese and tomato soup work so well together, just as you do with just about everybody.

ENFJ – Sliders



Photo Source: Don’t Sweat the Recipe


Most likely you’re not eating your sandwich alone, so it’s important to have a few extra to share.  ENFJs love helping others, and that’s no different when it comes to food. A slider would be perfect in your husband’s lunch box, don’t you think?

ENTJ – Turkey Club Sandwich

Photo Source: Livestrong

As someone who is always on the go, there’s no time for extravagant lunches. A turkey club sandwich is easy to assemble, budget-friendly, and quick-to-eat – addressing all of the things you’re concerned about.


In All Seriousness

I enjoyed exploring the different personalities and which foods each one tends to gravitate towards. But I do feel like I should note that in no way is this scientific or representative of all individuals. So, which sandwich are you? And do you feel your personality tends to influence your food choices?