Eating Disorder Brain vs. Recovery Brain

Several years ago I participated in a research study that examined the neurological aspects of an eating disorder. The purpose of the study was […]

My Opinion of To The Bone

Last Friday, Netflix released a feature file “To the Bone.” Like other mental illnesses, eating disorders are difficult to understand. One of the reasons, […]

Social Media Exercise versus Real Life Exercise

I am excited to have a guest blog post today. Her story is similar to mine and I appreciate her insight into finding a […]

13 Signs of a Healthy Relationship with Food

On the short drive to my in-laws there is a small bakery. And this time they had a sign out for German donuts. I […]

7 Signs Your Friend or Loved One May be Struggling With an Eating Disorder

National surveys estimate that 20 million women and 10 million men in America will have an eating disorder at some point in their lives […]

A Healthy Relationship with Exercise

If you Google ‘signs of over-exercising”, sites will say the symptoms are exercising for 2+ hours a day, exercising multiple times throughout the day, […]

Navigating the Holidays With a Loved One who is Struggling with an Eating Disorder

For many people, the holiday season is their favorite time of year, as it’s a time that is meant to be bright with Christmas […]