The options for food delivery are no longer limited to pizza and Chinese food. Now, you can get a box full of fresh ingredients ready to be made into a tasty dinner. HelloFresh is  subscription box service that offers omnivore and vegetarian options, with farm-fresh ingredients, chef-inspired recipes, and flexible subscriptions. They provide the convenience of doing the grocery shopping, meal planning, and delivering right to your door. I’ll admit I like doing all those things (especially going to the grocery store). But this box was perfect for this week since I was traveling last week and we didn’t do our normal meal planning and grocery shopping.

The Hello Fresh box of ingredients included three small boxes, one for each recipe, and below the three boxes were the meats surrounded by one large ice pack keeping everything cold. I haven’t taken my food service course yet (that’s next semester) but all the cold stuff was cold.

Each meal includes a recipe card. The front of the card has a final photo of the meal, along with the ingredients needed, total prep and cook time, and total calories. Although, the total prep time on each of the meals says 10-15 minutes, it did take us a little longer to prep one of the meals because you do have to cut all the veggies.

I liked on the back of the card, it tells you what cooking tools you will need and includes step-by-step instructions with images.


The meal prep doesn’t require any specific cooking knowledge. You do have to be able to chop but everything is explained and the meals include less than 8 ingredients.

The ingredients were generally excellent and fresh. Although, the fish tasted great, it didn’t hold together well. I think this might be more about perfecting our technique for cooking fish but we have cooked fish before and hadn’t had fish fall apart like this before.



Overall, the meals are similar to what we usually eat – a veggie, starch, and main dish. From a health standpoint, the recipe cards did list total calories and the three meals that we tried had a calorie range from 500-600 calories. And since the ingredients are fresh you aren’t getting any preservatives or unnatural ingredients. The meals were not allergy-free since couscous contains gluten and the Hello Dukkah meal contains sour cream. But it was easy to leave the sour cream out since that was just a sauce.

The meals are made to serve two people and since we have three people, I shared some of my main dish with Emmett. We also like to have leftovers for next day’s lunch so these meals don’t leave you with any leftovers (although, we did have leftover couscous).


I can’t speak to the pricing since HelloFresh did supply this box to me for free. We do like the idea of using box delivery service when I travel for work, as it makes it much easier for Thomas and Emmett.

If you would like to try HelloFresh, here’s a discount code for your first box. Use the code “FRESHFANSRD35” at check-out (which gives you a $35 discount off the first box). And if you’re a registered dietitian who might like to try out the HelloFresh service, go to  to sign-up. HelloFresh has a big social media network and encourages you tag your photos with #HelloFreshPics.