Movement therapy

What to Expect When you Sign-Up for the Movement Therapy Program

Initial Assessment: In the first session, we spend time to get to know each other. I dig into your exercise history, motivations, challenges, personal story, and goals. We talk about where you've been and where you are now in order to make a plan. We want to work together to help you develop a healthy relationship with exercise. It may not look like exercise plans that you have received in the past because I want us to focus on you and your preferences and body. We can meet in person if in the Frederick, Maryland area or via video chat or phone.

Your Plan: You will receive a personalized 10-week plan. Each week, your movement therapy plan will have you doing exercises that you enjoy doing and finding ways to incorporate movement into you life in a healthy way. Your plan includes rest days and perhaps even some yoga sessions. You complete the exercises on your own and then we meet to discuss. Overall, I create a program based off your goals, equipment that you have access to, and your fitness abilities. We touch base at least once a week, and we reassess as needed. Through movement therapy you learn to connect your body and to move mindfully and intuitively.